The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) is the gold standard of skills and competence for plant operators in the construction sector. King Contract Services help construction businesses throughout the UK source and screen the right CPCS-qualified workers to meet their site requirements, on variable contracts ranging from a few days to several months, right up to permanent roles.

We work closely with your team to align ourselves with your strategic goals and outcomes, acquiring a deep understanding of the types of plant operators you need on site. This personal approach allows us to match you with the ideal candidates for your role, for a mutually beneficial relationship and a good cultural fit with your business.

Qualifications and Competence

To acquire a blue CPCS card, a worker will need to have completed a basic level 2 NVQ qualification in their field and a CITB Health, safety & Environment test. In theory, this gives the operator a good level of competence in plant operation but, as any site manager knows, qualifications don’t always translate into competence, so CPCS cardholders vary widely in their practical abilities, productivity, and efficiency.

Furthermore, a CPCS card has to be renewed every five years through a brief refresher course, so in theory, a CPCS cardholder may not have operated their machinery for 4 ½ years and still be able to claim the same level of competence as someone who qualified last month.

A key part of our recruitment service involves carefully screening candidates for their ability to apply on-the-job training or college-based knowledge into practical competence on site. With 40 combined years in the construction recruitment sector, our team know all the right questions to ask and the references to seek to verify a person’s work record and skills, as well as their paper qualifications.