All successful construction projects depend on a skilled and professional management team to support the direction and progress of work on site. This workforce includes site-based supervisors, managers, and professional specialists, and an off-site, frequently office-based support team that includes directors, strategists, administrators, purchasers, logistics managers, health and safety officers, and other essential personnel.

At King Contract Services, we cover every aspect of construction recruitment, from general labourers and tradespeople on site, to managerial and director-level professional positions. With every placement, our goal is to provide you with the perfect candidate for your requirement, so that your company obtains the best value from its employees, and you attain full visibility over your employment costs.


How It Works

Each consultation starts with an in-depth understanding of your project outcomes, your company ethos, and what you require from your recruits, in order to construct a bespoke approach to hiring. This often involves on-site visits so we can see your work first-hand, and we believe strongly in face-to-face meetings and relationship building, either in person or, when not practical, through a video conferencing platform.

Management and professional staff sit at the heart of your business, so we conduct a thorough search and vetting procedure that filters the available applicants down to the most relevant men and women by qualification, outlook, competence, and experience level. We offer full support during the pre-hire, interview, and onboarding process to ensure that your new prospective colleagues are a good cultural fit for your business, and are genuinely motivated to work alongside your other team members to achieve and exceed your business goals.

Managerial and professional positions we recruit for include:

  • Directors (operations, financial, sales etc)
  • Site managers
  • Senior engineers
  • Surveyors
  • HR professionals
  • Sales and marketing staff
  • Accountants and admin professionals
  • Health and safety managers and compliance officers
  • Logistics managers
  • Project managers/directors
  • Training staff
  • Inspection officers
  • Senior trade specialists (plumbers, electricians, welders, plant operators etc)
  • Design engineers

Next Steps

We have an established applicant database covering all levels of professional and management candidates, with men and women across the country keen to start work, and with the qualifications and experience to create real value in your company. To find out more about our recruitment services, or to discuss the best approach with one of our construction specialists, please call 0333 344 5029 today.