Building facades can be subject to a variety of problems, some of which can be quite serious. By being aware of these potential issues and taking steps to address them early on, you can help to prevent damage to your facade and keep it looking its best for years to come.

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The most common problems with facades are corrosion and leaks. Discolouration can be caused by air pollution, especially in cities, or ultraviolet light from the sun. Condensation on windows or metal panels happens when water vapour accumulates on cold surfaces, and this can also cause issues. Let’s examine these issues in a bit more detail and what you should do to prevent and cure them.


Façade leaks are one of the most common causes of water infiltration into a building. The first step in addressing a leak is to diagnose the source of the problem. Sometimes it’s easy to see where the water is coming in, but often it’s difficult to find. Once the source has been identified, appropriate steps can be taken to fix it. Make sure to diagnose the cause of the leak before acting, as simply replacing the damaged façade components may not solve the problem.


This can be caused by air pollution, water infiltration, or simply the natural process of ageing. Corroded steel inside buildings can rust and cause cracking of exterior walls. If you suspect that corrosion is occurring on your building facade, an inspection should be performed to determine the extent of the problem.

To help prevent corrosion, it’s important to regularly clean the façade and possibly apply a suitable coating as per the façade contractors O&M manual.


Air pollution causes discolouration on building exteriors. UV light from direct sunlight also causes some surfaces to discolour over time, creating unattractive streaks on windowpanes for example.

A simple cleaning as per the façade contractors O&M manual will remove most pollutants from a surface, but more stubborn stains may require additional steps such as powder coating or on-site spray repairs.


Occurs to older glass units where the gas in the double-glazed window cavity has dissipated over time. This is a natural occurrence, and the only solution is to replace the window unit with a new pane.

This can also happen where warm/cold bridging is occurring between the façade and the internal structure. An investigation would be required to ensure the insulating products have been installed correctly to the façade as per the system design by the façade contractor. 

Product Lifespan

Most components in a façade design come with a certain expected lifespan. Examples like window gaskets and silicones come with a certain lifespan and some older buildings will need these replaced at some stage of the building’s lifecycle.

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