A group of skilled temporary construction workers beginning work on a facade construction who have been hand-picked and vetted by the experts at King Contract Services.

Facades are key to both the functionality and the appearance of a building. It’s therefore vital that they are constructed by workers with the correct skills. With that in mind, in this article, we discuss how to find the best temporary workers for your facade construction.

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The Challenges Of Facade Work In Construction

Modern building envelope construction is becoming increasingly technical. It’s also blending into other industry sectors. For example, clients today often require a building envelope facade to be highly energy-efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

This means that development projects are becoming increasingly complex and, hence, need increasingly skilled workers. In particular, they need skilled temporary workers. Generally, the easiest way to find these is to use a specialist construction recruitment service.

Five Reasons To Work With A Specialist Construction Recruitment Service

Here are the five main reasons why it makes sense to use a specialist construction recruitment service when recruiting for facade work in construction:

1. All Aspects Of Building Envelope Construction Are Covered

One of the major benefits of working with specialist construction recruitment services is that they can usually provide any type of worker you require. In the context of building envelope construction, which would typically mean project managers, facade engineers, glaziers, and cladding installers. If, however, you did happen to have a very niche requirement, a specialist construction recruitment service could probably fill it.

2. All Staff Are Fully Vetted For Suitability

In construction, the best temporary workers are the ones who can hit the ground running and make a difference as quickly as possible. 

To do this, temporary workers will need to know their jobs thoroughly. In particular, they need to be fully aware of the relevant health and safety requirements. In building envelope construction, the ability to work safely at heights is a must. Workers are also likely to need to know how to handle certain hazardous materials (especially glass).

In addition to knowing their jobs, workers must have a reasonable level of English and a good overall attitude, including a strong work ethic. Specialist recruitment agencies will check all of this before recommending temporary workers to you.

3. Labour Can Be Scaled To Suit Your Needs

In the construction industry, labour requirements are rarely static. What’s more, they can change at very short notice and for all kinds of reasons. When you use a specialist construction recruitment service, handling these changes becomes their challenge.

4. Recruitment Is Streamlined

Onboarding new workers is a pain in any industry. Onboarding temporary employees is especially painful. Essentially, it requires a similar level of work as onboarding permanent staff, but the turnover of staff is much quicker. 

When you use a specialist construction recruitment service, they take care of the majority of the onboarding process. For example, they will do right-to-work checks and credential checks. All the hirer needs to do is make the worker aware of any site-specific information.

5. The Service Provider Will Handle Ad-Hoc Issues

Employers always have to deal with some ad-hoc issues. These are often related to workers needing time off unexpectedly. This could be for sickness, personal issues, or even jury service. When you hire through a specialist construction recruitment service, they will handle these issues.

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