A table filled with blueprints for a new build whilst a member of the construction management team hired through construction recruitment work to ensure that your project is built efficiently, safely and under budget.

Construction projects often have tight schedules. These are also very vulnerable to disruption by factors outside the developer’s control (e.g., the weather). It’s therefore vital that the implementation of each project is as streamlined as possible.

The best way to achieve this is with a custom-built management team. Here is a quick guide to the five main benefits this offers.


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1. Faster, Easier Recruiting And Onboarding

For construction businesses, getting the right workers for a project is often vital to the success of that project. At the same time, dealing with the practicalities of the recruitment and onboarding processes can be a major drain on in-house resources. Sourcing, screening, and interviewing are all time-consuming processes that often disrupt tight schedules.

Using dedicated construction recruitment services enables construction businesses to outsource the administrative burden of recruitment and onboarding. This frees up in-house staff for core tasks while still ensuring that the business gets the right workers for the job.

2. Guaranteed Compliance

Another major benefit of using construction project manager recruiters is that they will guarantee compliance with all relevant laws and industry-standard rules. In particular, they will conduct right-to-work checks and verify a candidate’s credentials. If a candidate has international credentials, they will make sure they are clear on the nearest UK equivalent.

In short, using construction recruitment specialists ensures that employers will not have issues with immigration enforcement, the HSE, or their insurers.

3. Specific Expertise In Construction Management Roles

Anyone familiar with any sort of recruitment knows that objective benchmarks, such as credentials, are only a starting point. Experience and natural talents and attributes also count for a lot. This is particularly true in more senior positions with management responsibilities.

Specialist construction project manager recruiters have the knowledge and experience to go beyond the high-level facts on application forms. They can get into the meaningful details of both a candidate’s past experience and their current expectations. 

This enables them to make very precise matches of candidates and projects. For example, in addition to ensuring the candidate meets the specific project needs, they will also ensure the candidate is in alignment with the project’s goals.

4. Tailored Approach To Recruitment

The best construction recruitment agencies will make the time to get to know your business and its key people. At a minimum, they’ll ask a lot of questions about your company culture and values. If possible, they’ll make at least one on-site visit, so they get first-hand experience of your organisational dynamics. Ideally, they’ll make regular on-site visits.

They’ll leverage this knowledge to send you workers who are the right fit for your culture as well as for their specific roles. This speeds up the integration process and also makes for happier workers and employers. It therefore helps to minimise unnecessary turnover.

5. Leveraging An Established Talent Pool

A construction recruitment service’s entire business is to recruit for the construction industry. As part of this, they continually market their services to potential candidates as well as to potential clients. 

The best construction recruitment agencies have an established talent pool covering a wide range of qualifications, experience, and talents. They will know who is looking for what type of work. They will also know talents who aren’t actively looking for work but could be interested in the right offer.

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