There can be times during a construction project where you may have trouble finding site workers,
especially if you need people specialising in a specific field. You want a team that understands safety
standards and building regulations.

In addition to demonstrating teamwork, they must communicate
effectively with managers, supervisors, clients, and co-workers. In this article we’ll provide you with
some useful tips for finding the right candidates for your site.


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Why Are Construction Workers Hard To Come By?

Currently, qualified professionals are scarce, and statistics indicate that the industry will continue to
see an increasing demand for construction workers, in spite of labour shortages. Workforce shortage
can also be attributed to staff mobility as skilled professionals seek better salaries, further disrupting
the industry.

Impacts Of Skills Shortage In Construction

Skills shortages in construction have a direct impact on costs. If your company is having problems
securing skilled labour, then you’re more likely having to pay higher rates for temporary staffing as
you wait for long-term solutions. Sometimes, temporary workers can turn down work, forcing you to
stretch the budget even further.

So, how can you overcome skills shortages in your construction firm? Read on to find practical

Attract Top Skills With Well-Defined Job Descriptions

Construction job adverts can persuade or dissuade qualified construction workers in the UK
depending on the details. Attributes of an accurate job description are as follows.

• Create a concise job title: general contractor, architect, electrician, labourer, scaffolders, decorator, foreman, plumber, or painter.

• Briefly describe what makes your company appealing to the candidates (this should be the opening statement).

• Describe responsibilities in detail.

• Highlight the skills, qualifications, personality traits, and experience you need.

• Name the location of the construction site.

• Provide a salary range and other benefits like health insurance coverage and employee benefits.

You should clearly describe the responsibilities of the indicated in your job description. An effective
post should be transparent, indicating whether physical labour or overtime is required. It is also
good to describe your company culture and past projects.

Engage With A Professional Recruitment Agency

You could lose out on opportunities if you delay recruiting construction labourers. Establishing a
professional relationship with specialist recruiters is critical, especially in these unpredictable times.
You want to hire skilled and referenced professionals as fast as possible to meet the challenging
workforce demands.

Some roles are hard to fill, but a specialist recruitment agency with deep sector expertise would
benefit your company. An experienced recruiter sifts through applications to save you time. They
know who the most suitable candidates are and where to find them. In addition, they offer guidance
on salary expectations and market trends.

Let King Contract Services Bring The Right Candidate To Your Site

A targeted approach is key to finding great construction site workers. If you are a site manager
looking for talent and staff for positions in your project, a competent construction recruitment
is your go-to option.

At King Contract Services, we work closely with multi-national businesses and large organisations in
the UK and Internationally. We have workers in every construction area with the highest
qualification and skill levels. Regardless of your specific requirements, we will meet your needs.
Contact us today to see how you can speed up the completion of your project.


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