Contract recruitment is an essential component of the recruitment industry, where it’s estimated that more than three-quarters of the industry is made up of contract workers.

With this in mind, you may well wonder what contract recruitment entails, and just how your business can benefit from it.

Contract Recruitment Explained

Contract recruitment involves employing an individual on a short-term, temporary basis, rather than a long-term, permanent one. There is a very wide range of job areas that suit this type of working arrangement, with specialist contract recruitment agencies available to assist employers who need to recruit staff for a limited period of time.

Growing Industry

Contract recruiter jobs are in demand, and this is a sector that’s continually growing. Indeed, it’s thought that contract recruitment makes up around 91% of the recruitment industry’s £35.7 billion turnover.

As well as being beneficial for employers and recruiters, contract recruitment is an appealing proposition for workers, as it gives them flexibility and variety, and can be a useful way to gain new skills, building up their portfolios.

Here’s Why Contract Recruiter Roles Have So Much To Offer.

Suitable For Uncertain Times

Hiring workers on a contract basis makes sense in times of uncertainty or rapid change, such as economic, industry, or business uncertainty. It means that employers don’t need to recruit full-time staff on a permanent basis, and deal with the associated costs this might bring, if there is not enough work to justify this. Where employers can’t predict how the business or industry may shape out in the future, hiring contract staff can make for a safe bet.

Fast Solution

By working with the best contract recruitment agency, you can have a supply of contract workers at your fingertips, as and when you need them. This means that you can react quickly to changing circumstances, and meet demands as they arise. Contract recruitment agencies will have already vetted applicants and will understand their skills and capabilities in detail, so they’ll be best placed to quickly match you up with the right candidates.

In the construction industry, in particular, where work requirements often change quickly, construction agency recruitment can be a lifesaver for rapidly finding contract workers, and enabling businesses to stay one step ahead of the game.

Recruiters and employers can also build up relationships with contractors, so they can call on their skills as and when they’re needed.

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