a man with a hard hat using a hammer on the ground to show why construction recruitment specialists are better than direct hiring

A construction recruitment specialist works to unite high-quality staff with employers who require their skills for an upcoming or current project. In some cases, this process may be more efficient or even more effective than directly hiring new staff – especially with an ongoing skill shortage. In this article, we look at four reasons you might prefer to use a construction recruitment company instead of hiring directly.

Provides A Quick Solution

Projects are often unpredictable and can easily result in you suddenly needing certain skills that aren’t present in your full-time workforce, alongside other unexpected requirements. By trusting a recruitment specialist, you’re able to skip the lengthy hiring process and get someone qualified for the exact task ahead with ease. This helps you stay one step ahead of any problem that might emerge on-site.

Saves Resources

When firms require new hires for a project, it’s often vital that they get somebody quickly; this means they could rush the recruitment process and not get the best applicants. Independent recruitment companies already know a wide range of suitable and already-trained candidates. This also helps the firm save money on recruiting and training, meaning that third-party construction recruiting solutions can be the most cost-effective option.

Reduces Risk

Every employee you hire is a gamble, and even if they seem qualified on paper they may not fit into the company’s culture, or might simply not have experience with certain equipment or tasks that you expect. Independent recruitment is able to take every possibility into account, giving you the right candidates. If there’s an issue with a temporary employee, you’re usually able to replace them without significant extra fees.

Provides Specialist Skills

It might be difficult to find staff members with specialised skills when hiring directly, especially as this uses your own resources and might have significant risks. Construction recruitment companies screen every worker to assess their experience and abilities while working with you to determine your specific needs. This lets them guarantee that you receive high-quality staff with the exact skills you require.

How We Can Help

When comparing direct hiring vs. outsourced recruitment, it’s clear that construction recruitment specialists are able to provide well-trained employees whilst saving companies both time and money. King Contract Services helps construction firms across the country to find qualified staff who suit a range of skills and tasks. If you would like to hire someone that’s a perfect match for your project, contact our friendly team today to find out more.
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