Three UK temporary construction workers working exceptionally on a construction site after being hired through a recruitment agency

Construction is an industry that’s very much focused on deadlines. It’s also an industry where labour requirements can vary greatly from one project to another. The combination of these two facts means that the construction industry has a continual need for reliable temporary workers. With that in mind, in this article, we discuss how we, at King Contract Services, can deliver you an exceptional temporary workforce.

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Knowledgeable And Personal Service

Combined, the team at King Contract Services has over 40 years of experience in construction recruitment. This makes us more than capable of managing the entire recruitment pipeline from end to end. Our business goal is always not just to meet but to exceed our client’s expectations of us.

Part of our strategy for achieving this is to get to know our clients both professionally and personally. For example, we are happy to go out to our clients’ sites to get an in-depth understanding of each specific operation. We listen carefully when our clients talk to us, and we understand the language of construction. If we need clarification on a specific point, we know what questions to ask.

Equally, we’re happy for our clients to get to know us. We prefer face-to-face interactions when possible. Even when it’s not, we ensure that our clients always deal with real people and are always treated as real people. We value all our clients from the smallest of sub-contractors to the largest of blue-chip companies.

The Ability To Fill Vacancies Quickly

Since our founding in 2017, King Contract Services has become a leading name in construction recruitment. That means we have become an obvious point of contact for candidates looking for work. Our extensive database of rigorously vetted applicants enables us to fulfil any possible need our clients’ may have – even at the shortest of notice.

Our candidates range from basic site operatives to highly-skilled tradespeople, plant- and equipment-operatives and project managers. Some prefer temporary work. Others are looking for permanent roles. Many are happy to take on temporary work until the right permanent role becomes available.

If you know in advance what your needs should be, we can manage your entire recruitment strategy. If you don’t, or if your needs change, we can have temporary work contractors on-site the next day. No matter what their skill set is, you can rest assured that they’ll be able and willing to make an immediate impact.

Rigorous Candidate Selection Process

As recruitment specialists for the construction industry, we thoroughly understand the legal and compliance framework in which construction businesses operate. That’s why we thoroughly check both the immigration status and credentials of applicants before we accept them as candidates.

When clients hire through us, they can rest assured that there will be no issues with immigration enforcement, the Health and Safety Executive, or insurers. We also ensure that all applicants have a suitable level of English for their intended role. Employers can therefore be confident that communication will be straightforward.

If candidates meet all the practical criteria, we then assess their overall attitude and expectations for work. Only if we are convinced that these are a good fit for both King Contract Services and our clients will we accept them onto our roster.

Next Steps

If you’re in need of a temporary workforce, or simply want to find out more about how King Contract Services can help you and your projects, download our guide to securing an exceptional temporary workforce, or contact our team.

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