Four yellow construction hard hats on a wooden table showing the skills gap in the construction industry.

In recent times, it has become increasingly challenging for organisations to source qualified construction professionals. While a range of factors has led to this issue, there are some key problems we need to examine to better understand the skills shortages.

What Is The Skills Gap?

What exactly is the construction skills gap? To put it in its most basic terms, there are not enough trained construction workers compared to the number of roles available. Because construction is a skilled industry, it requires specific training, and when fewer of these professionals are available, it leads to a skills shortage. But why is this happening?

An Ageing Workforce

While skilled construction professionals are still available, the workforce is ageing. This means more and more construction workers are retiring or moving on, leaving space for newly qualified workers to fill their shoes. However, they are not stepping into the gap as seamlessly as the sector would hope.

In fact, fewer young people are opting to join the construction industry. This is due to there being more ostensibly attractive opportunities available – such as remote office work. The idea of construction work as being a physically demanding and even unsafe job can be off-putting unless young construction professionals are provided with the correct training and information.

Increased Construction Work

While the UK construction industry has been experiencing a period of steady and sustained growth since COVID-19, we do expect this to decline due to the uncertainty around the UK economy as well as the war in Ukraine. Despite this potential downturn, the skills gap is still creating a shortage of workers, and the gap between the workers available and the workers needed only looks to grow.

How King Contract Services Can Help

Recruitment in construction can be challenging at the best of times, but even more so when facing such a huge skills gap. When you let King Contract Services take care of your recruitment needs, you can be certain that we will supply you with trained and qualified professionals. You won’t need to worry about the recruitment process and our workers will be available to jump onto your project quickly. Get in touch via our client form to further discuss your recruitment needs.

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