A help wanted sign representing a lack of construction workers due to a skill shortage

In recent years, construction companies have found it particularly difficult to source experienced and qualified staff for their projects, especially if they require certain niche skills. While many firms are justifiably concerned about this skill shortage, it’s possible for a construction recruitment agency to help by providing your firm with temporary employees that have specialist training. In this article, we look at the current skill shortage that’s affecting the construction sector and how temporary employees can help.

The Current Situation

Though the construction industry is growing at a suitable rate and providing a wide range of job opportunities, the amount of qualified candidates (especially for roles that need specialised skills) is decreasing. The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is reporting that there will soon be a demand for 36,000 new workers each year throughout the UK. As a result of this, many companies are worried that they won’t be able to get experienced employees for their upcoming construction projects.

What Is The Cause?

There are various reasons for the construction skills shortage sweeping the industry, but the main factor is that there are simply not enough people going into this sector to accommodate the rise in demand. Fewer people are choosing to enter construction due to a range of financial pressures. The current workforce is also ageing out of the profession – meaning many of their current staff will soon retire without skilled replacements. Investments in construction is also growing, increasing demand exponentially.

The Solution

Employers have a responsibility to work towards the sector’s continuous improvement and success; this means it’s possible for your firm’s actions to combat the construction skills shortage. For example, your business could work to attract new recruits and improve the standards available for current employees. A good way to attract new hires is to offer and promote apprenticeships as much as possible. Alternatively, your long-serving workforce could still serve the company in a range of management roles or training positions.

How King Contract Services Can Help

You can also fill this gap by hiring temporary employees to take positions that traditional recruitment is unable to fill. King Contract Services specialises in finding qualified workers fit for a wide range of projects and jobs. We can provide firms with both temporary and permanent employees from across the UK to accommodate any manpower shortfalls. To find workers who are a perfect match for your project, get in touch with our team today.

Image Source: Pexels