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Recruitment and retention are challenges across all industries, but they are particularly relevant to construction, especially in the UK. Post-Brexit, the labour pool has become much smaller. The need to recruit and retain skilled workers is, however, as high as ever. Fortunately, specialist construction recruiters can help employers deal with this challenge.

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The Basics Of Specialist Construction Recruitment

The basics of specialist construction recruitment are a mixture of practical considerations and broader considerations. It’s essential to everything right here, even when you’re under time pressure.

Practical Considerations

The two main practical considerations are the right to work and relevant credentials.

Right To Work

Technically, the right to work is only a consideration for non-UK citizens. Practically, it needs to be checked for every worker you employ. Reputable construction recruitment services will make sure that they screen all potential workers thoroughly before recommending them.

Specialist construction recruiters will also ensure that employers are informed promptly of any relevant changes. For example, international workers generally need a share code. This essentially functions as a temporary national insurance (NI) number.

Currently, share codes are generally only issued for 30 days. If a worker does not have an NI number by that time, they can apply for a new code. Either way, their employer will need to update the worker’s details promptly to reflect the change.

Relevant Credentials

Both the law and insurers require employers to ensure a healthy and safe work environment. As a part of this, they need to ensure that all workers have sufficient training to be able to work in a healthy and safe way.

Checking workers’ credentials is a simple and effective way of meeting this requirement. For example, if a worker has a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card, then they have a baseline level of skills and safety awareness.

Again, reputable construction recruitment services will make sure that they verify all potential workers’ credentials before recommending them. They will also ensure that these credentials are updated, as necessary. For example, if a worker currently holds a (CSCS) IA card, they will ensure that this is updated before this card type is phased out.

Furthermore, specialist construction recruitment services will ensure that all these checks are suitably documented. This ensures that any employer will be able to respond easily if checks are made on them by a stakeholder (e.g., the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)).

Broader Considerations

Dealing with practicalities is necessary but not always sufficient. There are often broader considerations such as a worker’s experience, their potential for growth, and their overall employment preferences. Understanding these can be key to matching the right worker with both the right type of role and the right employer.

How Construction Recruitment Services Can Help

Construction recruitment services ensure that the recruitment is carried out in an effective and legal manner even when an employer needs to recruit workers quickly. That means employers get the workers they need when they need them without the risk of future legal headaches.

This includes legal challenges to the recruitment process itself, such as questions about whether or not it complies with the Equality Act 2010. Specialist construction recruiters will also ensure that all data collected is managed in accordance with GDPR. For example, they will respond appropriately to Subject Access Requests and Data Deletion Requests.

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