Two temporary construction workers working on a roof.

When looking for skilled labour and construction workers, it’s important you’re able to quickly and easily find a wealth of qualified employees.

Construction recruitment services can easily unite you with high-quality staff, letting you concentrate on preparing and managing the site without a lengthy recruitment process. Before you decide to hire through a temporary construction recruitment agency, here are four frequently asked questions and answers you might want to know.

What Is A Temporary Employee?

A temporary employee is someone that works with a company or business for a set period of time – with their secondment officially ending after this elapses. The worker’s contract usually includes the specific hours they work and the estimated end date. They can work for as little as a day, a week, a month, a year or even longer depending on the project or construction firm’s particular needs.

Why Would You Hire Temporary Workers?

There are a number of reasons why construction firms use temporary construction jobs during their projects, for example, they may need to fill a position if a full-time worker is incapacitated. This gives you peace of mind about the entire operation by ensuring you always have high-quality workers on hand. If a project requires more work than expected, temporary workers can help you easily meet this demand.

What Are The Benefits?

Added benefits of temporary recruitment in construction include:

  • Cost-effectiveness: A temporary worker is typically far less expensive than a full-time employee, with fewer benefits needing to be given.
  • Guaranteed skills: Your recruitment partner can help make sure you get someone with the right skills for the particular role you need.
  • Short notice help: There are plenty of construction workers available to help you with any operation due to an agency’s database.
  • Scalability: Temporary employment helps you meet any job’s timetable or manpower requirements so you can stay within budget and schedule.

What Are The Rules Involved?

Temporary staff members aren’t entitled to health insurance with the business, though they benefit from the same labour laws as full-time workers.

Temporary construction workers could be a significant boost to your project – allowing you to reach a deadline with ease and make up for any shortfalls in productivity. There are also administrative and financial benefits to choosing temporary employment services over traditional recruitment.

At King Contract Services, we can unite you with qualified and competent workers fit for any project, so we encourage you to contact us today and begin searching for your ideal candidate.

Image Source: Unsplash