Site managers sitting around a table deciding whether to hire temporary or permanent construction workers

No matter how your firm recruits its employees, you may be wondering whether to hire temporary or full-time workers for your current and upcoming projects. This mainly depends on the company’s specific requirements as one option might be especially beneficial for the firm’s long-term success over the other. To help with this decision, here is a look at the advantages and disadvantages of hiring either temporary workers or permanent employees.

Temporary Workers


Hiring a temporary worker instead of hiring them as a permanent one, could be an opportunity to test their abilities when undertaking certain duties and act as a trial period which blossoms into full-time employment in the event they prove to be a good match for your company.

You may also only require them on a short-term basis, including to replace an incapacitated staff member or help with a specialised task.

Temporary workers are also more cost-effective for the business as they are exempt from full-time benefits.


As these employees have a specific working period, they could come to the end of their contract before the project is complete and may even end when the firm needs more help. If another firm makes an offer of full-time employment or higher pay, your temporary employee might not renew their contract and you will be a worker down.

These workers also typically incur higher wages on account of having fewer benefits, depending on their agency and preferences; whether this is cost-effective depends on your company.

Permanent Workers


Permanent workers have greater opportunities for promotions and career progression within your company so are more likely (and have more motivation) to work at their best.

With temporary workers, you have to repeat the hiring process whenever their contract ends or a new worker is needed, whereas permanent employees are always available no matter the current project.

The long-term relationships that permanent workers develop with each other can also lead to a more collaborative atmosphere during a project.


Recruiting permanent employees, however, is often more expensive and complex, requiring more time even if you use a permanent recruiting agency. This also requires you to provide workers with benefits and training – costs that can easily add up over time. You can only retain permanent workers if you provide them with ample opportunities and projects as without this, they might seek another employer who can guarantee paid work.

How We Can Help

There’s no right answer regarding whether to hire temporary or permanent employees as this depends on your firm’s short-term and long-term needs. Knowing your company’s requirements is the best way to make this decision, and construction recruiting solutions can help with this. At King Contract Services, we make sure your firm has access to high-quality talent that suits your needs, so why not search for a candidate today or get in touch with our team?
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