Man working after being hired through a construction recruitment agency.

Many construction firms across the country rely on temporary recruitment to meet the shifting demands of their projects, and it’s essential that you have a full understanding of your chosen construction recruitment company. In this article, we look at the key questions you should ask your contact before using their services in order to ensure they match your needs.

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How Do You Find Your Workers?

Every specialist has their own techniques for finding and managing temporary workers. If there are issues with their sourcing processes, you could end up with substandard employees without the right knowledge, documentation, and experience. Ask the company how they find their top talent, as this helps you assess the quality of their workers. In addition, you may want to ask the company about how they ensure that each worker has the right skills for the job.

What If I’m Not Happy With My Employee?

The main role of a construction recruitment specialist is to provide you with high-quality workers. It’s essential you know what to do if these staff members aren’t right for the job or firm. Ask if you would be able to end the worker’s contract or even replace them without extra costs – with some companies, replacing staff members can be expensive so always check this before taking anyone on.

How Experienced Are You?

While every recruitment specialist starts somewhere, it’s only fair that you know how long your company has been in business. This often helps to inform the quality and consistency of their service while also showing how well they understand the requirements of construction sites. Even if the company is new, its executives might have plenty of experience in the industry so know who will make a skilled staff member for their database, and who would not.

What Are The Costs Involved?

Temporary recruitment is often more cost-effective than full-time employment; understanding the costs of the former can help you save even more long-term. Ask your specialist about the fees they charge so you know what you’re paying for, this helps you avoid any payment surprises. Request a clear breakdown of everything which comprises these fees and check that this saves you money in the long run.

How Can King Contract Services Help?

If you’re looking for a recruitment specialist for construction in the UK, King Contract Services is able to unite you with qualified and skilled workers, no matter the unique requirements of your project. We can help you find temporary and full-time staff members throughout the industry. To learn more about our services and to get a free quote, feel free to get in touch today.

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