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Choosing the best material for your building’s facade can be a tough task, especially when there are so many factors to consider. The facade of your building can make or break its design and determine how attractive it is to buyers and investors.

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How To Choose The Right Facade Materials

The most common types of materials seen in building facades are metals, including steel and aluminium panels, as well as stone, glass, brick, and concrete.

It’s important to consider the requirements of the building that you’re designing when you choose from these materials because they can all carry different properties and some of these materials can have a negative impact on the planet.

Metals cause damage to the environment due to the mining and smelting required to source and process them, and concrete is associated with both acid rain and the emission of toxic gases. Firing bricks requires massive amounts of energy, most of which do not come from green sources.

Eco-Friendly Building Facades

Contemporary facade cladding materials include more sustainable options. These are still less common in construction, but they’re gaining in popularity as more buyers and developers focus on eco-friendly builds and carbon neutrality. These materials include:

  1. Timber: Timber is long-lasting, affordable, and available in a range of types and colours to match any style of design.
  2. Solar panels: Solar panel cladding is the best way to create a carbon-neutral home that’s capable of creating its own energy.
  3. Bamboo: In countries where bamboo is readily available, bamboo is a cost-effective renewable option due to the fast speed at which this plant grows.
  4. Reclaimed wood: Even more sustainable than timber, using reclaimed wood lends buildings a distinctive and unique look that’s hard to recreate.

Opting to work with one of these sustainable materials when you’re creating a building facade with a team of contractors could improve your business’s green credentials and create sustainable, attractive facades that are appealing to buyers.

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