As England’s second city, Birmingham is a thriving and exciting place to be for construction projects. There are always large-scale projects popping up across the city, with plenty of roles available for prospective workers. This large and diverse city can feel overwhelming when it comes to the hiring process, so you need to ensure you work with a reputable construction recruitment agency. But what should you consider before making your choice?

What Support Do They Offer?

When you’re looking into a certain agency, you want to make sure that it stands head and shoulders above others in Birmingham when it comes to your needs. How will this agency specifically benefit you? Do they cover the areas you’re working in specifically or have experience working on similar projects, and do they offer the services you need? Your requirements are bespoke, and the package you receive should suit that so that the agency is able to best promote your company to candidates.

What Do You Get For The Cost?

If you’re considering your funds, you may be tempted to go with the most cost-effective choice. However, this isn’t always case with the cheapest choice. You should ensure that you’re getting all the services you need, not restricting yourself by paying less. Paying a little more can help you to find higher-quality candidates, support, and more.

What Is Their Industry Reputation?

Birmingham is full to the brim with construction agencies and roles for interested workers, so you really do have the world at your feet. Make sure that you don’t go for the first option you find – check out agencies that stand out, have a strong history in Birmingham, and have positive online reviews. Word of mouth helps with this, and you can always request testimonials from prospective agencies.

Do They Have A Strong Pool Of Candidates?

A Birmingham-based agency should have a good database of candidates to hand, with proven skills and experience in the area you need. Local workers will be familiar with the area and the buildings, so check that they have the right knowledge for you. This can be doubly important if you are personally not too familiar with Birmingham.

King Contract Services are experienced in providing clients with Birmingham-based workers. Our network is widely skilled and available for a variety of permanent and temporary roles. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Image source: Pexels