For any business in the construction sector, finding the best workers to hire is key. This is not always easy though and it can often seem tough to track down the specific people your company needs. If you are finding this a struggle, working with top construction recruitment agencies is wise. This is because they make it quick and easy to find the staff your business requires.

Of course, it is sensible to know more about how these agencies operate first. How do they work, once you have advised them you have an open position to fill?

Step 1: Agency Sources Best Candidates For Position

The best construction recruitment agencies will always start here. Once a business has been in touch to ask for help filling a vacancy, the agency will then get to work finding the right people to put forward for an interview. This involves the agency looking through the workers they have on their books and choosing the best available.

When making this decision, agencies will not only choose those with the best qualifications but also those who seem to fit best with the role in general. Once the agency has identified which candidates are suitable, they will contact them to check if they are interested in being put forward for the position.

Step 2: Candidates Suggested And Interviews Arranged

Recruitment agencies for construction industry businesses will then move on to the next step. This involves them putting forward their list of best matching candidates to the company that is looking for workers. Once the company has reviewed and confirmed it, interviews will then be arranged for the candidates. A real bonus for busy construction companies is that the best agencies will help arrange interviews for them. In addition, top construction recruitment agencies will provide CV and interview advice to applicants.

Step 3: Job Offer And Negotiation

Once the business with the vacancy chooses which candidate has come out on top, the agency can then help with putting the job offer forward to them. If the successful candidate accepts it, the agency will then assist with various negotiations around salary/other conditions of employment. This step is really helpful for construction firms in Manchester because it saves them time and means the candidate has the main point of contact throughout the whole experience.

Step 4: Onboarding

Once all the negotiations are complete and the job offer is fully accepted, the best construction recruitment agencies can assist with onboarding the new staff member. This not only helps out the company they start working for but also means they ensure their candidate settles into their new role well.

King Contract Services – Professional Construction Recruitment Agency

Hopefully the above has shown how recruitment agencies for construction industry firms operate. If you have always been a bit unsure about this before, it should make you more confident about working with a recruitment agency when required. If you work in construction and need help finding top-class candidates, call King Contract Services on 0333 006 9975 today.

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