The construction industry is showing a substantial bounce back following the global COVID-19 pandemic. The industry has recovered extremely well from the impact of Coronavirus, and this has caused the industry to grow.

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Since the start of 2021, there has been a continual increase in the workload for construction workers and this growth has further continued as lockdown restrictions have been eased by the UK government.

A Thriving House Building Sector

As the economy continues to recover in the wake of the pandemic, the property market has been strong and there has been an increased demand for new builds. This means that the construction industry has experienced a larger workload to facilitate this consumer demand.

For buyers, purchasing a new build home that is still under construction can be a bespoke experience, and this is helping to fuel the growing demand and generate more construction work.

Largest Rise In Workload Since 2016

According to RICS, the construction industry is experiencing its biggest increase in workload in half a decade.

Private housing is generating the largest workload in the industry while infrastructure and public housing are also creating many opportunities for construction projects. Geographically, the Southwest and West of England are experiencing the largest surges in demand, with the North of England close behind. However, every area of the UK has seen increased growth in demand for construction projects.

What Has Caused The Growth?

More buyers are looking for new build homes thanks to government programmes like the stamp duty holiday and the announcement of the Help to Build scheme. As a result, there is more scope for new projects across all roles within the construction sector.

Productivity levels have gradually increased in the construction sector during the pandemic. The construction industry has adapted extremely well to COVID-safe work practices, which have facilitated its ability to continue throughout a large proportion of the pandemic. With the initiation of COVID-related health and safety guidelines, it has been able to flourish and meet renewed demand. Many of the best construction recruitment agencies are now helping construction firms to find workers for their construction work.

How Can I Find Construction Recruitment Agencies Near Me?

Considering the surge in work for construction firms, many managers are focusing on increased construction recruitment to meet staffing demands. Many construction recruitment agencies are providing staff to firms to help with this demand.

It is important to use the best construction recruitment agencies to find the specialist, experienced and skilled staff you require for your project. At King Contract Services, our small, friendly and experienced team can ensure that we match every role to the ideal candidate so that your business can experience excellent levels of success.

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