A backdrop of manchester showing construction cranes towering above the buildings.

In recent years, Manchester has become a hub for innovation, creativity, and industry. With major companies setting up homes in this northern gem, more and more commercial properties have sprung up. But there is one big problem that has arisen with this boom in construction, so we’re going to explore what that is and how good construction recruitment in Manchester is more important than ever before.

Growing Demand

With a diverse and young population, the need for more residential and commercial properties in Manchester is growing. This has skyrocketed since 2018, driving the need for more contractors and fully trained construction professionals to fill a range of roles. The speed of this growth has outpaced the rate at which new talent is able to join the industry, leading to fewer skilled and qualified workers on job sites in some cases.

Trouble Attracting Workers

There is a range of new talent in the construction sector, but there are some elements of the industry that are unappealing. As remote office work offers a flexible lifestyle with sociable working hours, many opt for these roles rather than pursuing construction. Manchester has a huge range of opportunities, which makes the physical labour associated with construction less attractive.

A Bottleneck Of Talent

With many construction workers in the Greater Manchester area, you might think that recruitment in construction should be easy. However, there has been a bottleneck created by the amount of training needed to pursue a career in construction work. Apprenticeships are one way in which this is being addressed, but not enough young people are attracted to the industry. As the construction workforce ages, this is leaving a void that can’t be filled.

Increasing The Skills Gap

While basic skills in construction can be learned in a relatively short time frame, workers must be willing to learn as they go, with the possibility of ongoing training. It’s not legally required, but some companies do ask that employees have a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card. This can present a barrier to newer construction workers.

Bridging The Gap

For help bridging the skills gap with your recruitment, contact King Contract Services. We have a range of skilled and qualified workers who are trained in a variety of commercial construction areas. They can help to deliver projects in Manchester so that your company isn’t harmed by the skills gap.

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