When you apply for a construction job, it is common to be called for a face-to-face interview. This could be by an employer directly or via any building and construction recruitment agencies you are registered with. But why is this so important in terms of recruitment? The simple answer is that interviews give potential employers the chance to ask career questions, personal interview questions, role questions and company questions.

It is therefore key to prepare well for any construction interview. The top priority is thinking about what questions may come up and how you plan to answer them. However, what are the 5 most common construction interview questions

1) Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

As all decent recruitment agencies know, this question is designed to gauge how dedicated you are to a career in construction and how committed you might be to the new role. A good tip can be explaining how you have progressed in the last few years and how you plan to progress moving forward.

2) What Is Your Main Weakness?

This common interview enables potential employers to grasp how you view yourself. The main thing to remember is that you must turn the main weakness you give into something positive. Expand on your answer by showing how it impacts your daily role and how you combat the problem.

3) Tell Us About a Time You Worked Under Pressure?

The reason why employers ask this so much is simple – working in construction can be stressful at times. They want to find out if you can handle the pressure and not let it affect the quality of your work. By explaining about a time you worked under pressure and how you successfully navigated this, you can show them you have the required qualities for the role.

4) What Can You Bring To This Role?

The key thing here is to study the job spec and tie it in with your areas of expertise. You should then expand your answer to explain what positives you can bring to the role and what extra value you can add to the company. This could be the ability to bring better quality results for example.

5) What Has Been Your Biggest Construction Project To Date?

Although you can verbally tell an employer how suitable you are for the role, nothing beats experience still. This question enables them to check out the size of projects you can handle and dig into your technical knowledge. Remember to answer in detail, give professional analysis and use specific industry terminology.

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