When you need a curtain wall fixer, you need the peace of mind that you’ll be hiring a suitably-qualified professional with a solid track record in the field. Curtain walls are exterior structures made from glass or lightweight panels with steel structures suc has integrated slabs and columns. They look great, they are architecturally cutting-edge and they are increasingly used in modern construction – but their relatively complex engineering means that only highly-skilled professionals have the expertise needed to work with them.

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So what are the key skills to look for in a curtain wall fixer? Here are our top three to consider:

1. Knowledge And Expertise

Even if your curtain wall fixer is relatively new to the profession, it’s important that he or she can demonstrate the solutions required for different curtain walls. This includes their construction, required components, specific guidelines, health and safety regulations and the various issues that can occur if they are poorly fitted or fixed.

2. Correct Materials Application

A good curtain wall fixer will also know which materials are used and the application methods for each. The role requires the fitter to apply this method to install the curtain wall features safely and without any damage. This can be particularly challenging as glass or other types or infill (including ventilation and acoustic elements) can be involved and this brings particular challenges to fixing jobs.

3. Reporting And Recording

Curtain walls use heavy and fragile materials so curtain wall fixers must have the experience and skills needed to assess any potential dangers or temporary fixes that would benefit those working on site. This means following established processes and procedures for reporting, record-keeping and health and safety assessment, as well as adhering to all processes for certification.

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Image source: Pixabay